The Doula Advantage

ABC Doula Services combine proven scientific research and methods, with passionate care. My goal is for every mom to feel fully supported and have a healthy labor and delivery. I believe that every women deserves the best possible care during the miracles of pregnancy and birth.

A Cochrane review published in 2012 found that laboring moms with continuous presence of a doula experience:

  • Reduced use of pitocin (a medication used to speed up labor but results in more painful contractions)
  • Decreased rate of interventions during labor
  • lower desire for pain medication and requests for epidural
  • Higher satisfaction with birth outcomes
  • Much lower c-section rate
  • Higher chance of vaginal birth
  • Shorter labors

The American Journal of Managed Care reported in 2014 found that the odds of cesarean were 80-90% lower among doula-supported women.